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1. In case of Did not Start on race day, team member must get a "withdraw" stamped to the Bib of did not start runner(s) at the start line and carry to all subsequence Aid stations.

2. All team members should stay together between Aid-station, and must register together at each Aid-station. Aid-station staff reserve the right to refuse to register incomplete teams or teams with members unaccounted for.

3. ALL teams must register at a Aid-station at or before its closing time in order to proceed.

4. Team members should always travel together, but if you are slightly ahead of your teammates and find yourself arriving at the Aid station early. Before entering the Aid station, you must leave your Bib Number at the Timing Tent. Then, when your team is whole again, please collect your Bib Number and Check-in with all your teammates properly.

5. Teams of two or three can continue. Teams of just one member must find another team to formally accept responsibility for he/she for the remainder of the course. The checkpoint co-ordinator must be notified and approve this.

6. If the tem member cannot continue the event. The rest of team can continue the remainder of the course. The checkpoint co-ordinator must be notified and approve this.

7. Team's finishing times will be recorded based on when the last member of their team reports to officials at the Finish Point. AIA One Billion Trail is a team event, no individual finishing times will be recorded.

8. Runners must "withdraw" from the race only at the Aid station. The rest of the team will have to carry the "stamped" Bib Number of the withdrawn runner(s) to all subsequence Aid stations.

9. In case of an emergency, don't hesitate to get in touch by calling the provided Emergency Number on your Bib number. Please ensure that at least one member accompanies the distressed at all times. Failing to do so will result in an immediate disqualification of the team.